C&K early childhood centres are located on lands where Australia's First Nations Peoples’ have been teaching and learning ways of belonging, being and becoming for more than 65,000 years.  

Our learning communities have been shaped, and will continue to be shaped, by the influences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, wisdoms, and knowledges.

Honouring First Nations Peoples' histories, perspectives and continuing connections to land, sea and sky in all our programs deepens everyone’s learning.  

It is a great privilege to learn from, and with, the oldest living and thriving cultures on Earth and walk together to a better future for all.

We acknowledge and thank the traditional custodians of the land for the sustainable use of mother earth and father sky and everything in between.

We are one with our families, friends and community through our land, sky, sea and ME.

We connect to country with mind, body and spirit and promise to care for and respect our beautiful earth, its creatures, plants, sky, land and water.

Guardians, caretakers, and land inform our practices for a sustainable world.

We are one, we are many.

Breathe in and breathe out while we listen and learn together.

Respect our stories that guide our walk.

A sense of who I am in this space.

Shared acknowledgement developed by C&K educators - in our community of practice.

Our early childhood centres are located on lands that stretch from the Cape North Peninsula down to the Border Rangers, and from the Simpson Desert across to the Eastern Coastline of Queensland. 

Recognising that innovative early childhood curriculum is richest when it connects past, present and future, Listening and Learning Together: C&K Curriculum Approach draws on our 112-year history of commitment to community early childhood education, reflects current research and policy, and enables scope for embracing the future:

Honouring our past, to teach our present, to create our future

Trisha Schuh: Napranum Early Childhood Centre