Early childhood curriculum has been crafted by C&K educators with, and alongside, children, families and communities for over 110 years.

Curriculum in C&K early childhood centres is shaped by a strong set of shared values, commitments and visions that honour children.

A distinguishing feature of curriculum in C&K centres is the way that educators skilfully partner with children and families to create caring and vibrant learning communities.

The purpose of Listening and Learning Together: C&K Curriculum Approach is to set out the values, commitments and visions for children’s learning that underpin curriculum in C&K centres and to support educators to bring these to life in ways that realise the expectations described in The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia ( EYLF ), and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline ( QKLG ).

The C&K Approach is a professional resource for all educators that work with and alongside children from birth through to school transition.

This website brings together a rich suite of carefully curated resources designed to support, enrich and extend professional knowledge and practice. It will also serve as a professional platform for educators to connect with each other, reflect, collaborate and share stories of practice.

The layout of the C&K Approach has synergy with key headings in the EYLF and QKLG. The learning outcomes in this approach align with both the EYLF and the QKLG and are framed as active and ongoing.  

C&K curriculum Approach

Early Years Learning Framework

Queensland Kindergarten
Learning Guideline


Children have a strong sense of identity



Children connect with and contribute to their world



Children have a strong sense of wellbeing



Children are confident and involved learners

Active learning


Children are effective communicators